Wherever our eyeballs move, it witness people of all age groups with their heads down, clanged to mobile screens. This has becomes a harsh reality, which leaves no space for body movements. Thus, there is an increase in health related issues throughout the world. Eye problems and obesity are very common output of this whole scenario.



When we were a child, playing meant only going out and playing various kinds of games with friends. But, this has now transited into playing mobile games and video games. As a parent it is your responsibility to see that your child goes out everyday to play. There are many benefits that works in favor of the toddler in the long run if he or she goes out to play everyday.


Benefits of playing outdoor games

  • Physical fitness is very important for a human being. Running around and getting fresh air as well as vitamin D from the sun will be highly beneficial for your child.
  • People tend to learn when they work as a team. When your child will play outdoor with other kids or elder family members they will grasp the notion of organizing skills very fast. They will enjoy as well as will get the benefit, which will be helpful in the future.
  • Outdoor games keep certain medical conditions away. For example, continuously playing video or mobile games can lead to problems in the eye sight as well make one obese, further accelerating heart related issues. Outdoor games, on the other hand ensures fitness.
  • Outdoor games provides opportunities to explore more. Whether it’s a ball game or sliding down the slide, it is always gives challenging play trials for the child.
  • Outdoor games are great to make your child more independent. They will learn to wait for their turn to come during the game. They will fall down and again get up all by themselves, thus learning the values of life- fall is not the end. You have to pick yourself up and move ahead again.


  Outdoor Ball Games

 One of the best game through which your child can learn is through ball games. There are various ball games that are played all over the world. One of the latest in the Que is the marble game. Marbles are large versions of simple marbles, which comes in various colors and can be played by all age groups.


So, if you are planning a vacation with family, try out the marble game, your kids will enjoy it! It will not only help the child reap the above mentioned benefits, but will also bring the family closer. The marbles are so designed that it will fit the hands of a child and is quite soft so that it doesn’t hurt the older shoulders.

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