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Hi, Murray! I found Murbles on “The Grommet” on line while shopping for holiday gifts. I can’t wait to see them. I think I’m going to buy a few sets to keep. I’m sure other people play with more than 2 teams, so I was thinking about getting 2 – 3 sets after the holidays. Great idea. Thanks for making them!
Heidi WI.
We visiting friends in Pensacola in March and were introduced to Murbles. We thought it was such fun that we bought two sets. We played it with players ages 7 -71 and we all had a laughing good time. I have since purchased another game. If Mr. Kramer comes up with some lavender balls I will simply have to have more. Thanks for a great OUTDOOR game that doesn’t take amazing skill to play and everyone loves.
I received an email from Jenny who was concerned about hitting and moving the point ball while playing the game….. I emailed her back and explained that the Murbles are made from a High Density plastic so that if you hit a ball there is a reaction that changes the dynamics of the game very quickly and if the point ball moves it is still the target just in a different location. Jenny’s reply was: Well, Murray, you sweetheart you, thank you so much for that lightening reply! I think my 66 yr old brain fizzled and have no idea why it didn’t dawn on me that if I hit the point ball, that just moves it to another spot and maybe even closer to the point ball. You’re absolutely right that it just ups the strategy and fun of the game. Thank you SO much and you can bet I’ll be having a great time with my old cronies this weekend---add to that a couple of bottles of wine and oh boy! Can’t Wait! We’re all going to be completely addicted to Murbles.
Jenny VA.
Our family played Murbles at Samara Point Resort on Gull Lake in Nisswa, MN. Over our annual 4th of July week at the lake.. It was fun for all ages4-69. I’m buying this set for the 4 year old grandson’s birthday. He loves everything having to do with throwing a ball and is very good FUN game. Thanks!
Rosemary WV.
We recently played Murbles for the first time at a friends’ house. Now, of course, we need a set! We would like to purchase a Medium Activity custom color set.
I have a Murbles 911!!!. I need a set by tomorrow 8/1. I am willing to pay FedEx S&H. I have a big Murbles challenge coming up. I have the Red, white and blue set! I need another 2 colors! Please call my Cell….Thanks!
I read an article in the Register-Herald Newspaper about our state parks offering your Murble game to the guests at Pipestem State Park, I believe. I bought a large set for my family with 16 game balls and 2 point balls from Amazon. The additional set I parched from you was for my nephew’s birthday. He is 7 and wanted WVU colors. They camp a lot so that will be a good game to take along.  
We purchased Murbles on a whim, and it has become one of our family’s favorite activities. Our favorite place to play is on the beach, where the numerous natural obstacles and surface (e.g. hard wet sand, soft sand little mounds of sea grass, etc.) make the game interesting, challenging and fun. Our other favorite place is our yard, where we have not only trees and obstacles, but also a variety of surfaces including our grassy lawn and clamshell driveway. We love playing multi-generational games that include everyone from 5-85. The beauty of the game is that it does not require any special skills, yet it is fun and challenging for all. Even less athletically inclined players are successful and have a great time playing Every time we play with friends, or whenever passersby see us playing, they ask about the game and where they can get a set of their own. It is a pleasure to do business with Murray and to support a small American business. Simply put, Murbles is a huge hit with us.
Marion MA.
I was doing a search of American Made products and came across your site. I really like the concept of such a simple easy game for all ages and abilities. As a small business owner, I also like the fact that your product is American made. I look forward to playing the game with family and friends
Jason AL.
The Murbles were perfect! My friends had asked for “Yard Games” as a wedding present. I wanted to get them something that I knew for sure they didn’t already have! I also like to buy gifts that are “made in America”. I Googled “yard games made in America” and came across a site that had Murbles listed and a link to your website. When I saw that you were out of Pensacola FL. I fit purchase immediately, as I am from Milton for MANY MANY MANY generations! I am proud to call the area home and I am happy to have your game. I ordered the second set for my family to play and enjoy.
Mary FL.
I first saw Murbles on The Grommet website. I wanted to know more so I went to your website. While there I noticed I could order different color combinations than what was offered on the Grommet site and the rest is history. My wife and I are retired and have a beautiful yard… add some Murbles… sounds perfect. When my grandkids visit Murbles will give them something else to do (other than video games or listening to the adults talk. Great Idea. A little less formal then bocce (no Court required) and the uneven terrain adds to the fun. Thanks.
Glenn PA.
The Murble Tourney set was the best investment that I have made. This week we made it part of the workout program and the trainer would take on whoever was in his group. Worked well. We had people playing every day.
Bob FL Navy MWR
I bought four sets last Christmas as gifts for family and we all LOVE playing when we get together. We are interested in just 6 more game balls so we can play with a group when one of the other three sets are not available…is that possible? (Sure)
Angie FL.
I went to my class reunion is September and one of the girls had a set of Murbles. So, we played it on the beach and we all had a great time! Now I want to get these for my kids because they love outdoor games and competition. Thanks for sending the Murbles to me before Christmas!
Murray, We had a Murbles emergency!!! We have a house on Lake Sinclair and we live in Tampa. Over Labor Day, we forgot to pack the set of Murbles for Tampa and had to look for other activates! BOOOOOO!!! I am ordering a second set to keep a set at both homes! This will never happen again!!!
Ben FL.
We love playing your game. We have always enjoyed the game of Bocce as adults. Since our kids are finally old enough to play games with us, we discovered the balls are much too heavy for them to throw! I found Murbles by searching online and am so glad I did. It’s one of the most requested outdoor games the kids play. Their friends love it too. And, Thanks for helping me with the replacement balls. I look forward to getting them so we can resume playing Murbles.
Kim TX.



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