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Outdoor Family Game For All Ages

Murbles is an outdoor family game for all ages designed to be played by the whole family. In fact Murbles can be played by three generations and you will have fun!!! The game balls are sized to fit smaller hands and light enough not to hurt older shoulders.

Murbles is a great outdoor family game and can be played almost anywhere. Obstacles like uneven ground, bushes, trees, even water (Murbles are buoyant) become part of the game. For more excitement, use the obstacles to your advantage when playing the game.

To get started, players pick their game ball color that they will play with. Dump all of the Murbles out of the bag on to the ground and whichever player’s game ball color is closest to the point ball assumes control of the point ball and starts the game.  The players now pick up their game ball and are ready to play.

Standing comfortably side-by-side, the player with control of the point ball decides where to toss out the point ball starting the game. The point ball must be tossed out at least 3 feet. All throws are forward and underarm throws only from 3-30 feet (Do not overpower your opponent). To make the game more exciting remember to use the obstacles in the terrain to your advantage and your opponent’s disadvantage.
underhandOnce the point ball is in play both players must remain in their relative positions. Neither player can change locations to gain a better throwing position at the point ball.

The player who did not throw out the point ball is the first player to toss a game ball at the point ball.  The players alternate throws at the point ball trying to get their game ball as close as the can to the point ball.  The last player to toss their game ball at the point ball will be the player who started the round by tossing out the point ball.

Players may tosses a game ball and hit any game ball or the point ball that is part of the fun. If the point ball gets hit and moved during a round of play, score points from the new position.

After all of the game balls are thrown, players walk up to the point ball to see which ONE player  (or team) will score. The ONE player who scores will assume control of the point ball and start the next round of play. The next round of play starts from the general location where the point ball ended up and can be played in any forward direction.

If there is a TIE for the game balls that are closest to the point ball, REMOVE them and score form the remaining game balls.

If two game balls are several feet away from the point ball and are competing for points one player may have to Walk-It-Off to determine which game ball is closest.


The player who won the round of play starts the next round of play from the general location where the point ball ended up.

If the point ball gets tossed into an unsafe or hazardous are, a Replay condition may result. Both players must agree to a replay and control of the point ball does not change.


Rule #9 on the game bag is very interesting. It talks about a BAD THROW. A bad throw exist when a player who has just won control of the point ball, starts a round of play with a game ball instead of the point ball! The player, who made the mistake, has to give the point ball to his or her opponent to start the round of play. Plus, take the “Walk of Shame” to retrieve their game ball. Plus, they have one point taken away from their score. So remember, always keep an eye on the point ball when starting a round of play.


Note that all Murbles have the name embossed. For optimum ball control, grip the ball with your finger tips in these groves.

This method allows you to spin the ball.

You can use a reverse spin to make your ball stick upon contact with the ground.

You can use a forward spin to gain distance on firm ground.

You can spin left or right to get into those tight spaces.


The complete rules to the game are printed on the back of the canvas carrying bag.  I hope that you and your family and friends will enjoy your Murbles (the outdoor family game) for years to come.



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