Murble Activity Sets

Murbles are made in America and designed to be a family-friendly game because it is easy to score and exciting to play.  Murbles weigh only 1/2 pound each and are 3 inches in diameter so they fit in a kid’s hand  as well as adults and are easy for older people to throw without shoulder pain.








Murbles are the ideal game for tailgating RV/campgrounds, schools, state recreation ares and corporate retreats. Most activities require designated playing areas and may cost thousands of dollars to set up and maintain. Murbles  are inexpensive and can be played almost anywhere, just dump and play. Obstacles and irregular surface become part of the game and make it more exciting.  An occasional washing is all that is required to maintain your Murbles.

Family Murbles 4 color 4 Player Set

Family Murbles 4 color 4 Players

Medium activity 4 color 8 players

Medium activity 4 color 8 players

Large Activity 8 color 16 players

Large activity 8 color 16 players








Murble activity sets come in three sizes: Family 9 ball sets $57.95  Medium 18 ball sets  $99.95 and Large 36 ball $179.95. The family Murbles set is designed for 4-players and is perfect for camping and family outings. The Medium activity set is designed for 8-players with two point balls so that the players can break apart and play in different areas. The Large 16-player activity set has 4 point balls and can be played in 4 areas simultaneously. Both the medium and large activity sets are great for tournament use and are available in 20 popular color selections to meet your custom color requirements.

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Proudly American Made

Murbles Everywhere
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Murbles Are:
  • A Terrific Game for Kids
  • An Challenging game for Adults
  • An Interactive game for Families
  • A Perfect Game to play at the Park
  • Easy to play in the Backyard
  • A Great game to take to the Beach
  • A Fun game to take Camping and on Vacations
  • Very Good Exercise
  • Fantastic Outdoor Fun
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