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How To Play

General Information

Anyone can learn to play Murbles in just minutes. Anyone can feel the excitement of winning. Grandma can win, the kids can win, and if you play — you too can win!!!

Murbles are a perfect game for family reunions, picnics, camping, the beach tailgating or just hanging out in the backyard.

Murbles are built to last a life time. And will bring a life time of smiles to you, your family and friends.

Official rules are in the bag and basic rules are on the back of the Murble bag.

In a situation where the game ball is several feet from the point ball and appear to be a close tie, one player should “walk it off” to see who is closer.

outdoor game

One player carefully places his or her heal against the Point ball and walks heal-to-toe to the Game ball in question noting the foot steps taken and final distance to the Game ball.

Then the same player walks off the other ball to determine which ball is actually closer to the Point ball.

This relatively easy task becomes somewhat humorous and difficult when adult beverages are consumed.


Visual Examples of How to Score

Only the player who has a Game ball closet to the Point ball can score. To find out the points awarded, simply count the number of Game balls they have between the Point ball and their opponents nearest ball. If the point ball gets moved during a round of play, score points from the new position.

beach game

Tips and Techniques

Note that all Murbles have the name embossed. For optimum ball control, grip the ball with your finger tips in these groves.

This method allows you to spin the ball.

You can use a reverse spin to make your ball stick upon contact with the ground.

You can use a forward spin to gain distance on firm ground.

You can spin left or right to get into those tight spaces.

yard game

To make the game more completive, learn to utilize the terrain and obstacles to your advantage.

Using bag rule #4, Players can not move from there relative positions after the Point ball is played.

The Point ball controller should try to play the Point ball to his or her advantage by using the terrain (bushes, trees, pot holes, roots, water, etc…).

Try to place the Point ball so your opponent does Not have a good straight shot at it.

wedding party game

Try to position the Point ball at the crest of a hill, in a depression, or in a rooted area.

And remember, if you play over a fence make sure the gate is open.

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