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Basic Rules

Who can play Murbles?

Anyone who enjoys life can play Murbles! Age truly does not matter in this game. Plus, it’s a great way to get a healthy dose of exercise.

Where to play Murbles

Murbles can be played  in the backyard, at the park, at the beach, when tailgating etc. Obstacles such as tree roots, irregular surfaces, sand dunes, rocks, bushes and trees make the game more exciting. Players should us the obstacles to their advantage and the opponent’s disadvantage.

How to Score Murbles

Only ONE player will receive points in a given round. The player who has one or more balls closer to the point ball than the opponent will receive one or more points. In every round of play one player will score from 1 to 3 points and start the next round of play.

A set is complete when either player reaches ten points.

The game winner is declared when one player wins two of the three sets.

Getting started

  1. Players pick the Murble ball colors that whey will play with.
  2. Dump the Murbles out of the bag and which ever player’s Murble is closest to the point ball assumes control of the point ball and starts the match.
  3. Now that the controller has been determined, you’re ready to play.
  4. Standing comfortably side by side, the player with control of the point ball decides where to toss the point ball into play. The ball must be thrown at least three feet.
  5. Once the point ball is played players must remain in their relative positions.
  6. Now that the controller has started the game players alternate throws towards the point ball.
  7. Walk or run up to see which player receives points from the round of play.
  8. The player who scored in the last round of play starts the next round of play and tosses out the point ball.


  • ALL throws are under hand only.
  • NO changing sides for better access to the point ball by either player.
  • The last player to throw to the point ball in a round should be the controller.
  • Points are given only to ONE player in each round.
  • If a tie exists (both players closest balls are the same distance from the point ball), then the tied Murbles are removed from play and points are assessed from the remaining Murbles.

  • Do NOT attempt to use throw strength against your opponent. Remember, Murbles is played for FUN.

Replay conditions

A replay occurs when the point ball is thrown into area determined to be an unsafe or hazardous area of play.

A hazardous area may have broken glass, a mean dog, or be too close to a busy road, etc…

  • Both players (or a supervising adult) must agree to a replay.
  • Control of the point ball does not change.

Bad Throw

A bad throw exists when the controller who is starting a round throws out a game ball instead of the point ball.

When this happens, one point is taken away from that player and he or she forfeits control of the point ball.

Four Player Rules

  • A and B are a team, C and D are a team.
  • A plays against C for the first round of play in the first set.
  • B plays against D in the second round of play in the first set.
  • The third round is again A & C.
  • Fourth round is B & D, and so on until the first set is finished.
  • The second set starts off with the losers in control of the point ball.
  • Now the tricky part; for the second set, A is pitted against D and C is pitted against B.
  • If a third set is required they go back to A verses C and B verses D.
  • This way as a player, you get a chance to play against both opposing team players.
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