What are Murbles?

A Murble is an over-sized marble
used in the outdoor sports game
called Murbles. Playing the game of
Murbles requires no special skills.

Playing Murbles is entertaining and
fun for all ages and is a great way to
get some exercise.


The Story

It all started back in 1979, Murray had a retired gentleman who lived next door that liked to play horseshoes. Murray tried for two years but couldn’t win a game against this gentleman, so he decided to make his own game.  A game that any0ne could play and anyone could WIN!!! A game that did not require any setup or a dedicated playing area. His game was  loosely based on the ancient European game called Bocce. His game was to be played with oversized marbles he called Murbles. (Murray’s big marbles, “Murbles”)

When playing Murbles, things like size, speed, agility and even skill are not required assets. The players determin the distance and pace of the game. Murbles come in a convenient canvas carrying bag and are made to be toteable, (about 5 pounds) so take them tailgating, or to the beach, (they’re bouyant) to the park or just out in the backyard.

Murbles are proudly 100% American Made with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Murbles are made from high-density 3 inch diamater solid plastic with a weight of 1/2 pound each. Murbles are available in 20 popular colors so you can select your custom color set to match your school, sports team or favorite colors.

The game is made to be played by 2-4 players. Just read the rules on the back of the bag and you’re ready to play. Open your Murble bag, dump out your balls and you’re in the game. It’s just that easy.

Playing Murbles is a great way to acquire some exercise. You can burn up hundreds of calories in just one spirited game of Murbles.

Larger Activity sets are now available for  4, 8 and  16 players. Go to the Activty set page for information and pricing.

Replacement Balls & Bag

If you accidently lose a Murble, replacement Balls & Bag are available for $5.00 each plus shipping.

Replacement balls and bag are shipped within two business days. Call 850-458-5858 for replacement service.

20 Year Product Guarantee!!!

Free replacement for defective balls and bag. Contact Kramer Kreations for details call 850-458-5858

Proudly American Made

Murbles Everywhere
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Murbles Are:
  • A Terrific Game for Kids
  • An Challenging game for Adults
  • An Interactive game for Families
  • A Perfect Game to play at the Park
  • Easy to play in the Backyard
  • A Great game to take to the Beach
  • A Fun game to take Camping and on Vacations
  • Very Good Exercise
  • Fantastic Outdoor Fun
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